Sunday, 9 February 2014

As The Falcon Flies

As the Falcon Flies


I was only 5 when I was given away to the temple nearby, I was born in West Bengal to poor parents, they couldn’t afford me and apart from that there was a tradition of giving young daughters away.  For days the Sun didn’t shine or maybe I never saw it, too depressed to think or see anything, I was crying when the priest found me, “Why don’t you come inside?” he said kindly and softly and I dragged myself up from the footsteps of the temple and walked with my hand in his, told him about my Mom and Dad.

Life in the temple was a routine, early morning chores, followed by work, from cleaning utensils, the temple compound, serving the priest and other folks in the temple lunch, busy till the end of the night.  Slowly but surely I got into this routine thinking to myself, “Maybe this was what life was supposed to be for me,” my mind snapped back at me, it always did nowadays, understand, that when one is hurt and battered, its easy to fall into a peaceful routine that doesn’t allow thinking.

Before I knew it, 10 years had passed, and one sunny day, the priest called me, “Don’t you want to go to a big town?” he said with the same smile on his face, softly spoken words and I instantly trusted him, I rushed inside to the waiting room where this cruel looking man waited expectantly.  My first reaction was to cringe inwardly, but the priest pushed me towards him, “He is here to take you to your first job in Bombay,” and the man smiled for the first time, it was a wicked smile, was there something happening here that I didn’t know about, it was the beginning of a journey that never seemed to end, for the next 10 years I was in Mumbai caught up in the prostitution racket, from one seedy room to another, life just seemed to have become what was akin to a nightmare brought on by religion.

I fear to think what would happen if tomorrow never came.

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group is the     Mansura Moll and

Group    from the city of Jayanagar, West Bengal

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These woman are hardworking souls having seen worst nightmares in their lives, but that is the past which should remain a mystery to the curious, we must find a way forward for them.
This group is special because they need Rs 12,800 for a Solar Project for their homes, its not just their homes that need electricity for manual labour but also because they have to earn a living from their houses and without electricity there is nothing.
I had worked out the economics for Solar Projects long while back and knew that it worked especially for the Lower Income Group,  I was ideally placed today to provide guidance to these women, what to buy, what to look for when it comes to equipment and its installation.
One of the more interesting projects I had been involved with was the “Create a Solar Entrepreneur” project which could now be carried Pan-India, it involved generating incomes upto Rs 50,000 per month by simply putting up solar panels on the terrace, after all for every kiosk there is a battery and every battery requires charging.  But more on that later, when the time is right, today I am here to tell you a tale which adequately demonstrates why these people need to borrow money from you. 

Calling all people who care !!! Click on the link if you care.

We don’t ask for donations, we ask you to Lend