Friday, 21 February 2014

Walk Away In Silence

Walk Away In Silence


Satya had been working all night on the compositions, he had broken and re-broken all the notes to get to final draft.  It would seem to any outsider that no work was happening, in the dead of night, all was quiet and people slept, he found his creativity peaking. 

Today,  he said to himself, “If this country doesn’t give me anything to live on, I will move abroad,” there was the pain of the Naxals, the discrimination against the upper caste and subsidies for the lazy and inefficient lower castes.  “They wouldn’t work and wouldn’t allow anyone else to either,” he thought often to himself of his predicament, his endurance had been tested in this country.

His wife was peaceful, she always was these days, their’s was a comfortable relation, like the couch and the TV, though Satya was more likely to smoke his cigarettes to get his mind to work, he worked non-stop from 9am in the morning to 11pm at night.  His wife was an artist, a dancer and a painter and he loved her more than anything else in the world, they had seen the ups and downs of his career, from the small time salesman to tech executive at the local shop, he had moved from one milestone to the other and she had lived with him through his dreams and nightmares.  They would move out of this town, he would get a job in the USA, his friend had invited him and the market was heavenly for Indian Techies in the USA.  He was in love with his wife even after 20 years of staying together and he would find a way.

 “Walk Away Son, said my father, and Never Look Back”

The Road Map to Freedom

I have started to connect with this group from Bengal and I will not go away till she is happy.

Click on the Link if you care.

The Solar Entrepreneur is somebody who can take this cause of Solar further by providing DC Lighting to small homes at low costs.  Here are the technicals of a Mini Home or Kiosk

I    SCP - Mini Home
1. Design

A  home consumes 81 w * 3 hrs = 243 whrs/day

243/5.5 = 45 whr/day = ideal array size
45/0.72 = 62.5 W PV
243 Whrs/day (Avg daily load) / 0.9 Inv Eff
= 270 Wh/day
270 Wh/day / 24 DC system volts = 11.25 Avg AH/day
(11.25 x 1.11 battery temp multiplier x 2 days
autonomy) /0.5 Battery DOD
=60 Total System AH
Charge Controller
15 Amps
81 W total AC load = min Inverter size 240 VAC 100W

The thought of Energy Independence may be a little utopian, and they were doing it in West Bengal in their own special way, they seem to be the Leader Of The Band, and those were shoes I wanted to wear soon, it would take time, until understanding dawned that I was right there with them today.

“There Is Always Something You Can Do When Your Last Dollar Is Gone.”