Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Thunder On The Sea

Thunder On The Sea


It had been a bad day for me, money had not come in as required, I had managed a very small amount yesterday and today just didn’t exist, and everybody in the village of Magrahat was unhappy, tears rolled down my eyes in the morning.

“Can I come over,” I said, “I am in bad shape today, it’s a long road home and don’t see anyone even remotely close to a friend around me,” I had asked one of my friends who stayed in the other village.

“Yes,” said the voice on the phone, and I had taken the long road to Calcutta, a bustling town and also the capital of West Bengal.

I could hear voices in the wind, “Are You Waiting for me,” my mind seemed to be asking, this was going to be a long road to freedom.  “Everything on merit,” said my mind.  Solar Lanterns were my pet project and I had got this community to agree to doing the project.  It would bring us visibility and with Solar installed the children would be able to study and I would be able to send to universities.

“Devdaasi, and you?” said my husband to be, I just nodded my head, “It’s a long story,”  and he must have seen the hidden tears behind my words.  He had stopped and we walked over to the flower shop, bent down on his knees and said, “Marry Me.” My mind had flashed into overdrive, too stunned to say anything.  He looked up at me and said, “This is you, I don’t care what you have done.”

 That had been the only moment of happiness in my life for over 20 years and they said, “Why?”

“These words of mine will and I am not going to be around"
“Whoa, I got a love as big as Mississippi, I am going to catch a prey”

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group stays with Sefali Marik and Group from the village of Magrahat in West Bengal.

Click on the Link if you care.

Sefali Marik and her group of friends wanted to buy DC Lighting systems for their homes, “What no Inverters?” my colleague asked and they snapped back at him, “Inverter based systems are too expensive, give us DC costing not more than Rs

What batteries  will you install in the system, "Solar C/10 Batteries, they will discharge upto 15 percent” my colleague said nervously,  we were a company waiting for the right contact and we had to talk straight to this lady, Sefali was hell of a lot smarter than a lot of women we had met in the city.

She was saavy, intelligent and down to earth, her eyes shown bright, “I will buy this if it is quality stuff, the Lanterns you sold us earlier don’t even last 2 hours, I want a system that will handle lighting for 4 hours in the evening.”
We could do that system maam, it will cost way less than Rs 15,000 and will meet the specification and she smiled and I thought to myself, “I have seen a lot of women, waiting just like you.”

She was as Restless as the Sea!!!
She was as Calm as the Summer Dawn!!!
She was just a Mystery !!!