Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Wait Is Almost Over

The Wait Is Almost Over


He still wouldn’t talk, and when he did it was in a strange way, I wanted him to talk like before and strangely even with him around, “I missed him.”  My friends told me to wait for him to come
 back, but he was already back wasn’t he, “He wasn’t back till he was his old self,” my mind snapped back at me.

There he was sitting as usual under the tree on the Chaupal, waiting for his mind to give his next creative masterpiece and I walked up to him, “Your daughter missed you while you were gone.”  He nodded his head and continued to write and play the guitar alternately.  “You continue talking,” I heard my mind say and followed the cue, I spoke not wondering whether he was listening and when I was done, he quietly said, “The Wait Is Almost Over.”

As it turned out, that became our routine, I would do most of the talking and he would just nod his head, within days I realised that his trauma was more severe than what I had ever gone through, if he ever spoke of the last six months, his voice would crack up and became uncaring, very unlike the emotionally smart individual I had known him to be.
This could have been the coming of age of a person who had stood against established norms, today the villagers were looking up at him for guidance, a profound testimony of the world that may be, “I will always be him, no matter where he goes,” I spoke out loud.
I understood now, he was an artist and needed to focus on his masterpiece, all the talking had been blown away in the wind, it was important for me to now to connect to his days of those lost 6 months, or were they ? lost ever.
“What Goes Around Comes Around”

The Road Map to Freedom

I have started to connect with Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Village in West Bengal and I will not go away till she is happy.

Click on the Link if you care.

“So how are Solar Lanterns Designed,” she asked in a hushed tone, after all it could be a trade secret.  I looked at her, she was as curious as a young girl and took a chalk that was lying in her house, and wrote on her daughter’s black board the design equations while my mind warped into a different reality:


In India, the cost of Solar Energy has spiralled down from Rs 17.80 per unit (1 dollar = app. Rs 60) to about Rs 8 per unit in three years, the grid is priced at around Rs 6 per unit and diesel comes in at Rs 12 per unit. 

Here's another thought on this, power the house using Roof Top Solar system that will cost about Rs 10/- per unit of electricity, make sure it has batteries installed with it, and then during the night re-charge your Electrical Vehicle using the Renewable Energy generated in the day.

The thought of Energy Independence may be a little utopian, and they were doing it in Magrahat in their own special way, Sefali was special, the Leader Of The Band, and those were shoes I wanted to wear soon, it would take time, until understanding dawned that I was right there with her today.

       “There Is Always Something You Can Do When Your Last Dollar Is Gone.”