Monday, 10 February 2014

Fire On The Ocean

Fire On The Ocean


So here I was waiting in the queue at McDonald's, the world just goes around and these are the one’s you call friends, people who never call you up and never call back, so these people, eh ? These people you wait for at fancy restaurants to have a nice quaint evening with, did that hash brown make you happy, did that new SUV give you happiness, so these are people you call friends !
“Listen,” she said, “I am in bad shape today, it’s a long road home and don’t see anyone even remotely close to a friend around me.”  She was used to doping and drinking local liquor, it kept the depression and unhappiness away and there was plenty of it, no matter how hard she tried, in the night when she slept the nightmares were ending. 
Even when the going looked good, it was back to the local shack, have a cup of tea, pay Rs 5 and get back home, she earned Rs 1400/ pm, “Really?” they had asked, “You mean a paltry $25.”  She just nodded her head and said, “Yes.”  She needed help but would never beg or ask, it was way beyond slavery, she would never be a slave again.

“Thank You,” said the bartender, “that will be $200 for the night,” ah, and I flashed my credit card and signed up for $225.  Life was easy and the going was good, that’s when I heard the whistle blow, there were lots of folks like me around me, all smiling and happy with there lives.

 She wanted to die and yet there was no place to go die, heaven or hell, it didn’t matter anymore, Jesus or Allah, they were just imagery, creation of minds that were dreaming and stomachs that were too filled with pastries and refined bread.

     “Whoa, I got a love as big as Mississippi, I am going to catch a prey.”

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group stays with Sefali Marik and Group from the Magrahat Village from the 24 South Paraganas District in West Bengal.
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 Sefali Marik and her group of friends wanted to buy DC Lighting systems for their homes, “What no Inverters?” my colleague asked and they snapped back at him, “Inverter based systems are too expensive, give us DC costing not more than Rs 15000/-.”  What batteries  will you install in the system, 

“Eastman Batteries,” my colleague said nervously,  we were a small company waiting for the right contact and we had to talk straight to this lady, Sefali was hell of a lot smarter than a lot of women we had met in the city.
She was savvy, intelligent and down to earth, her eyes shown bright, “I will buy this if it is quality stuff, the Lanterns you sold us earlier don’t even last 2 hours, I want a system that will handle lighting for 4 hours in the evening.”

We could do that system ma am, it will cost way less than Rs 15,000 and will meet the specification.

She was just a Mystery !!!
She was as Restless as the Sea!!! 
She was as Calm as the Summer Dawn!!!