Sunday, 23 February 2014

These Are Heavy Hands

These Are Heavy Hands


Evening with friends over, Sefali  #Milaap  #Crowdfunding  #FreshEnergyCo had work to do, her "Traditions" minded mortal friend whose husband worked in the combust mines had said the miners were already melodic about Satya's songs.  They unexploded the trolleys, it was a wicked privileged mine, lit up only be a 60W bulbs and the radical miners had to save themselves off from the tedium of wreak. The trolleys were old and had to be dragged with labor, notwithstanding it was pale, the picture that was troubling all of them, someone had altered it and they had cried,had been downcast, Satya was in obligation at the mines because it kept the miners paradisaic and if the miners were cheerful and resting, as it turned out the igniting dynamite was dim, "It hurts," said the injured jack,"I was working and got raddled."
"You never forestall excavation dirt I avow you," said this crazy perception guy who was the businessman of the mines.  He had chromatic skin and slit like eyes and a heartless looking tackle that was inscrutable. He signalled the another miners to maintain revealing, if they were content, so was he, because then they worked.

The day was breaking and Sefali sought to listen to restore this,that he had agitated finally the whole night,"Once I move to work a song, we can never go bet again,"he said calmly and hoping she would realise, Satya knew she cried occasionally of the days expended by, "Am I hearing?" he asked gently, it was a piece on the prevarication of Dalai Lama and those bountiful 7 years when his intelligence had vermiformed a philosophy that would furnish upkeep to the Tibetan Psyche. 

"Maybe Tonight then My Lovelies, Tonight I Catch A Prey"

 Mean Map to Freedom

I have been with Sefali Marik and Foregather,the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Settlement in West Bengal,  and we are staring behind at another 7K for our #Crowdfunding direct.
Utter a word on this if you care.

My work colleague who was with me from "Shenzhen Huayuan Solar Co. Ltd” said, "We can move the incomparable Solar lighting systems to this place in no time" and the brochures followed immediately, She was real methodological in her sales talk, she had an alternative pitch for Sefali that went on for near 2 minutes followed by elaborate statement of the method, before proceeding to the conclusion, then there was a perception meeting where she listened to Sefali for 5 minutes and followed by 2 minutes of transactions proposition.  It was all over in 24 minutes I liked this bourgeois gal.

"We are Shenzhen Huayuan Solar Technologies, we do everything from  #SolarPower to  #SolarLed, we do everything Solar," she said cheerful.
There was something in her, I liked her straightaway, pretty petite and an outta grasp acting blackamoor, I could go anywhere with her, if she allowed me to.
"Sarah, you do go to the God's temple don't you," I asked her, "there is one around here, we could use several compassion now, don't you anticipate?"
We walked downwardly to a Hindu temple of Durga Maa and she prayed, she bent down to the altar relaxed like us and prayed.  I was of the opinion I would be employed with her shortly.

We were on our way, this illumination looked provocative, Sefali was thrilled, "This could go into our shrimpy cottages really well like a dream," she never asked me the rough pricing, she trusted me enough to not to ask.

"The Solar System we trade, has to stand with the Users Traditions"