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World's End Girlfriend - Your Song

World’s End Girlfriend – Your Song


If ever there was a love, it was theirs’, the loneliness of six months and mystery of the present; it had all the makings of a love story.  Sefali was sitting on her porch and waiting for him to return,
“You Ok,” she asked Tubby, the dog, she was a mixed Labrador-German Shepherd,  that the people at Milaap had gifted to her.  She was old, but in love with her.
“Yeah I am fine, what do you know the neighbours just woke up.
“They work late, you know that,” she said.
“Do they now, and what about the binges and parties,” she said, walking up to her and settling down on the floor next to her.
“What’s with the other guy, that guy you call Maverick,” she asked Tubby.

Tubby nodded from her place and sighed, she was a proud one, this one, living in her own world with Sefali and guiding her whenever she needed to find advice.  Just then her husband walked in, it was late evening and by the looks on his face, he had had a satisfying day, a good composition and lively notes, it was all written on his face.

The last two months had been a mystery for everybody in the village, he wouldn’t pick up his phones, wouldn’t talk and kept people wondering about what would happen next.  Sefali kept him company, she tried to keep pace with him, their relationship had turned from a comfortable one to one of a mentor and his prodigy, it was far from dull and now there was always something to look forward to.  Sefali had forgotten her days of a Devdaasi  as there was something else that kept her busy, trying to find peace for herself and her husband.
She was large built, Sefali, but had the temper of a shrew, easily irritable and quick on the trigger.  In their whole life they hadn’t seen a more volatile personality, it took the whole of Buddy to calm her down and he stood with her through thick and thin.

OnE lifE, A Chance To Live Is What We Want.”

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group stays with Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Village in West Bengal.
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He never picked his calls, “So where is he,” they asked.
He walked up to the Chaupal, and said, “Do You Know why they always have a fence around the cemetery.”
“Tell us,” The villagers were listening to his jokes and laughing loudly.
“It’s because, there are so many people waiting to get in there.”

So why doesn’t he talk, “Ask Yourself,” I told Sefali, “What is he getting out of this, he is not in this for money, he will make money once he is famous.”  Her husband was an intense person and he wouldn’t touch all the money in the world, he knew it would bring grief, it would bring ego and hatred, he had seen it in Calcutta, when he was shocked at his own personality change once he had money in his pocket.
“He wants fame before he makes money, you give him the prudence to handle the money he will make in the coming years,” I told her softly, I think she understood it, because I could see a tiny hint of tears in her eyes.

“This Talent  Will Go Where Ever It Takes Me.”