Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Able The Baker

Able the Baker


He finally spoke, after two months of eccentricity, yes, he finally spoke, he spoke of those six months when he had vanished, he spoke and spoke, without tears in his eyes, there was calm and acceptance of those days and peace with the world of the present.

“I get my creative streaks sporadically and the disturbances are far and many in my present life, from phone calls to house guests, meetings and long drives, I am endlessly pushed out of my world,” there was acceptance, he wasn’t a nomad nor a saint, he was just looking for inspiration and motivation, the world required us to be Practical and Sensible, Cynical and Logical, Clinical and Methodical, and all he wanted was, “Able the Baker,” he could stand in the kitchen for hours and find his inspiration in the best pastries he could make eateries from dough, then make himself nice cup of coffee and leave the food for his folks, avoid the food and get back to work.

Sefali wanted him to do exactly as he pleased, and he was happy just penning down notes and working out empirical evidence that before music there was only God.  The voices in the head had died down, “Silence,” said this voice and the whole world started chirping.  Just then there was phone call and Sefali got him his mobile, which had been lying in the living room of their small cottage,”Hello,” said the voice and it sounded more close than far, “Who could be calling and sounding so familiar,” he thought, it was the bank guy offering him a loan, “So, they thought I had money,” it was the familiar path, listen, answer questions, details of income and proof of property, “Of course, I have only this cottage that I stay in,” I told him quietly and he said,”I have a credit card I could offer you,” and I followed my cue as usual,”Yes, I would love that.”

                           Bread and Pastries for the Poor Now.”

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group stays with Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Village in West Bengal.

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“Maybe you would be in a suit and tie soon,” Sefali told him and his laugh was subdued, this world was full of happiness if you looked for it, “Yeah,” he finally calmed down and replied,”Maybe sooner than later.” Just then the Solar Guy arrived with a new design in hand, and we had to hand it over to him, he was persistent.

I was sure there was more going in Magrahat than what met the eye, there was Sefali who kept me at bay whenever I approached the topic of sale, she was very interested in Solar and so was her husband and they would buy, I knew that too.  I was after all as curious as the cat, so got to work on them, I showed them the designs of new Solar Lanterns and then the alternative which was the Solar DC lighting system for the “Solar Entrepreneur.”

There was work to do here and lots of it, I called up Svetlana, she picked up the phone on the first ring, I passed the information to her first hand, asked her for advice and got great advice, as also some piece of mind regarding who I should be talking to and who not. My mind in place I walked away from the couple, leaving them to talk family stuff after all who was I to them, just another journeyman looking to make a quick buck, they would never know what I saw for them and the empathy that I felt for them.

“Just Promise Me Fame, and I Will Make My Own Destiny”