Thursday, 20 February 2014

These Eyes They Are So Cold

These Eyes They Are So Cold


Standing alone here and waiting for a sign, “He is going to be fine,” she said suddenly woken up, a night and revelation, and it hurt to see this happen.  They were at it again, trying to bring him into the community, when he wanted to be left alone, his sister, his mom, everybody in his family thought they knew what was best for him, and it seemed to Sefali that they thought of themselves as Gods, there to advice but never to help or be there when times were bad.

“Hate this crowd” he told Sefali in the morning, Tubby was as usual already up and waiting.

“Walk,” she asked Sefali, and Sefali said, Yes," and walked out without looking back. Tubby was her salvation, her guide, she just knew what to do everytime Sefali got confused, was his family the reason he had disappeared, it was becoming clearer and evidently so.

He needed to work and all he got their thoughts on how it had to be done, he had worked hard to keep them out and this broke the rhythm, his sister was no friend of his, she had always pilfered his work and continued to do so even today.

Sefali pledged that day she would catch his fall, and help him when he stumbled, “It’s about time I speak my mind,” her mind snapped back at her, she got up and Tubby was right behind her as usual, “Take it easy Sefali,” she prodded with her nose in the air, “I am yours,” Tubby was the ever faithful one and why she wouldn’t leave Sefali was a wonder.

 “The Mind Searches for Reasons When Ego Is The Guide”

The Road Map to Freedom

I was in the City of Joy, and my current focus group stays with Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Village in West Bengal and she want me to #crowdfund her Solar Lanterns.  The budget was $2750 and we are staring down at  Rs $1650 to go.  Thanks +Stanley Chan,  +Guy Kawasaki, for their huge contributions in achieving what we have  #FreshEnergyCo albeit with the help of friends.

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He never picked his calls, “So where is he?” they asked.
He walked up to the Chaupal, and said, “I want to get away from all of you.”
“Tell us why?,” The villagers were listening.
“Does it matter?” he spoke proudly and walked off.

I had known her husband for close to 2 months and knew him as a friend; his loneliness had found a reverberation.  Years back when I used to work for a Learning Development Company, there was this one person who was the Interface Design Expert, so I walked up to him and asked him a direct question, “Will you teach me?” there was laughter and derision from his side and I had made a choice there instantly, “The experts, they don’t know anything, once the money is in the pocket,” I thought this over and realised it to be true.

“Anybody can build a business, show me if you can you build a family?”