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John Jones and Tales From Far Away

John Jones and Tales From Far Away


Sefali was thinking of her son, Ritwick, she had managed to put him through school and college, it had been hard work, what with very little income she didn’t want her son to go without quality education.  When he had been born, Guruji had told her,”This one will bring you a lot of happiness.”  Despite her overpowering cynicism for life, she still believed in God and had allowed this thought to keep her alive for the next 20 years or so.

“Mom, I have good news for you,” and Ritwick had smiled at her today ; good news was like a drop of water in the desert for Sefali, her life had been a string of opportunities that never actually converted.  The last she had seen her son this happy was in 2012 when he had managed to get tickets for the fest at CIEM.  “Tell me,” she prodded him irritably.

Ritwick had managed a job of an intern with SAIL, Rourkela  , a job finally ! so was her wayward son finally growing up, maybe Guruji had been right, her son could be her passport to freedom.  She immediately halted her string of thoughts for she had seen so many dreams fall by wayside.  Tough times hadn’t stopped Sefali from dreaming, she wasn’t vocal about her dreams, she would wait till it happened, till he was actually earning the Rs 13500/- he had been promised at Rourkela.
She wanted to tell her son so many things, from her past, about who his father was and how she had endured the hardships to get her family to this stage.  She had endured hardships all her life but now had a group of friends who were her peer support, she would stay with them till her son was old enough to understand what she had to tell him.

  "You Don’t Know What Sells in this World, where Cynicism is the King.”

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group is the Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Jaynagar in West Bengal.

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Design of an Ergonomic Efficient Solar Lantern.

Sefali Marik and her group of friends wanted to buy Solar Lanterns for their homes, but they wanted Lanterns designed for their need, something special, made for them, “It’s all in the design, pay for the design,” I said to my colleague in West Bengal.  We were willing to invest our energies in designing a new Solar Lantern, it would cost a shade over Rs 1600/- and would be well worth the investment.
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