Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thought You Were Dead

Thought You Were Dead


Then one day, he walked out of the door in the morning and didn’t return in the evening, all hell broke loose that day.  It was Christmas and time for families to get together and rejoice, I wouldn’t forget that day ever, “Oh yeah, the Sun will not come out tomorrow if we don’t find you,” saying which the villagers looked Heaven and Earth and still we didn’t find him.

Two months turned to four and then six months, “Miss Him,” I told everybody with tears of sorrows.  I realise that the tears are of two kinds, joy and sorrow, and we had lived the joy part for 3 years and this was the most profound sorrow I had felt my life.  It left me numb, no feeling at all, just a dull thud of the heart beating; otherwise I didn’t exist, when God’s play dice with humans as wager, its life that is at stake.  I could have bet my life that the God’s that be, didn’t know that this was death, this waiting.

Six months later he returned, peaceful and as he told me, he had struck gold, his song compositions had been accepted by a film company, I was happy, and yet dumbstruck by his mysterious disappearance, was it something I said or the kids did, may be the villagers, somebody had to have the answer.
He really was mysterious now, he would talk in a strange way, and I had no hope of understanding him, the dialogue was subtle and the mood creative.  His singing and compositions, I detected, had change a tone, they were deep and soulful now, there was a sorrow in his young eyes, the kind that comes from having aged, this one had become an old soul in a young body, he had turned into a solitary reaper.

          “She Had Never Left Him, Even When He Was Away From Her”

The Road Map to Freedom

My current focus group stays with Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Village in West Bengal.
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This time when we took a walk towards the beach, the thunder was still there, her little girl had aged too, she saw the sea as usual peaceful and serene and the thunder didn’t scare now. They had got themselves Solar Lanterns though to her they had lost their significance but she sensed it made him happy to sit their besides the bright glow of the lamp and lit his rolled smoke.

I had a new design for Solar Lanterns and I showed it to them.
They would buy now, they knew me well, it would be funded and the ground work had been already done.
All the costing had already been worked out and we were waiting for a go ahead, when suddenly it started to rain again and this time she smiled and said, “We build autonomy into the system.”
I looked at her and said, “Yes maam, whatever you say,” and I stopped thinking of making money right there, if she got her money,  so would I and that was fine with me.

      “There Is Always Something You Can Do When Your Last Dollar Is Gone.”