Saturday, 22 February 2014

These Are Big Shoes To Fill

These Are Big Shoes To Fill


Evening with friends over, Sefali #Milaap #Crowdfunding #FreshEnergyCo had worked to do, her “Traditions” friend whose husband worked in the coal mines had said the miners were already singing Satya’s songs.  They loaded the trolleys, it was dark inside, lit up only be a 60W bulbs and the group of miners sang to keep themselves away from the boredom of work. The trolleys were old and had to be dragged with the hand, however it was the light, the illumination that was troubling all of them, some of them had even cried and had been depressed, Satya was in demand at the mines because it kept the miners happy and if the miners were happy then the owners applauded. 

He whipped one of the guys who was sitting and resting, as it turned out the light was dim, “It hurts,” said the bruised miner,”I was working and got tired.”
“You never stop working till I tell you,” said this strange looking guy who was the owner of the mines.  He had yellow skin and slit like eyes and a cruel looking face that was inscrutable.
He signalled the other miners to continue singing, if they were happy, so was he because then they worked.

The day was breaking and Sefali wanted to listen to this piece that he had composed last night,”Once I finish writing a song, we can never go back again,”he said calmly and hoping she would understand, Satya knew she cried occasionally of the days gone by, “Am I listening?” he asked softly, it was a piece on the story of Dalai Lama and those fruitful 7 years when his mind had formed a philosophy that would give sustenance to the Tibetan Soul. 

 “Maybe Tonight then My Lovelies, Tonight I Go Catch A Prey”

The Road Map to Freedom

I have been with Sefali Marik and Group from the city of Magrahat, South 24 Paraganas Village in West Bengal,  and we are staring down at another 7K for our  #Crowdfunding project.
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 My colleague who was with me from “Shenzhen Huayuan Solar Technology Co. Ltd
in China said, “We can offer the best possible lighting systems” and the brochures followed immediately, Sarah was very methodological in her sales talk, she had an opening pitch that went on for about 2 minutes followed by detailed explanation of the system for 15 minutes, then there was a listening session where she listened to Sefali for 5 minutes and followed by 2 minutes conclusion.  It was all over in 24 minutes I liked this supplier.

We are Shenzhen Huayuan Solar Technologies, right down from #SolarPower to #SolarLed, we do everything Solar,” she said smiling.
There was something about her, I liked her instantly, pretty petite and an outta sight business woman, I could go anywhere with her, if she allowed me to.

“Sarah, you do go to the God’s temple don’t you,” I asked her, “there is one around here, we could use some mercy now, don’t you think?”
We walked down to a Hindu temple of Durga Maa and she prayed, she bent down on her knees in front of the altar like the rest of us and prayed.  I had a feeling I would be working with her soon.

We were on our way, this lighting looked exciting, Sefali was thrilled, ”This could go into our small cottages very well,” she never asked me about the pricing, she trusted me enough to not ask about it.

            “The Solar Energy System we sell, has to align with the Users Traditions”