Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Myths about happy marriages

Marriages are made in heaven and here I present to you myths that you would have never heard of before, all marriages have similar problems, its not the problems but how you tackle the problems that determine the fate of a marriage.  Very often not knowing what a happy marriage is like can lead to discrepancy in our married life, when one is envious of the other couple for having a happy married life.

9 myths about happy marriages :

1.  Happy couples never fight.
2.  They never talk bad about their spouses.
3.  They never squeal about their spouses.
4.  In a happy marriage, the roles of the partners reverse over time, so that they get to see each others point of view.
5.  Number of fights is inversely proportional to happiness in marriage.
6.  The partners hold each others parents in high esteem.
7.  Happy couples never work at making their marriage exciting.
8.  Happy couples never have to work on being nice to each other.
9.  They never have to give gifts to each other and compliment each other.

A happy marriage is about being best friends to each other, over a period of time this relationship develops into a soul mate.


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