Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to get into Harvard

Harvard is the One perfect world if ever we envisaged one.   It is the epitome of educational, moral, public administration and artistic as well as engineering excellence.  Walk down the hallowed corridors and the first thing you note is the absolute ease with which people interact with outsiders.  A  Nobel Prize holder might for example be hobnobbing with the ordinary, the ease with which they do it is simply incredible.  In other places they might develop airs but not at Harvard, where its just a normal days work.

5 steps to getting into Harvard :

1.  Intelligence and hard work.
2.  Sacrifice friends and family for a larger goal.
3.  The habit of reading and writing, read at least 2 books a week and write a paper a fortnight.
4.  Laser focus.
5.  Everybody who is somebody from presidents to supreme court judges have been to Harvard.

Harvard or Stanford, its hard enough for anybody, but once you have achieved it,  you are done in life.