Monday, 14 August 2017

How to get over depression

Most people in the society encounter depression in some form or the other.  Depression is the result of broken relationships, loneliness and bad karma.  Friendships are broken, kins go away and in most societies this has serious ramifications.

Sameer was a regular guy, a topper in architecture and doing well, went into depression and has been under sedation for 5 years in a rehabilitation centre trying to etch out a life where there is nothing now.  Similarly Swati has been at the rehabilitation institute for 2 years now, trying to get out but no source of occupation and still on sedatives.

Most depressions if untreated, go deeper into other diseases like schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

7 ways to get over depression :

1.  Figure out a work routine that gives you pleasure.
2.  Take up a hobby that you love.
3.  Say no to alcohol, drugs and smokes.
4.  Take up an adventure sport.
5.  Cook and eat good food.
6.  Tell yourself everyday, your life is important.
7.  Take medication.

Depression is a suicidal state of mind, get over it.