Monday, 21 August 2017

How to save myself from my marriage

Marriages can be hellish if you haven't understood the need for them.  They are meant to be like a social partnership which is based on fidelity, trust and friendship.  Anyone who is married would want all the three of the above, in the best of marriages, in the ideal scenario, there is no need for any other person in life for both partners.  The live off each other and for each other, an emotional bond that far transcends any other relationship you might have encountered.  In these cases the bond of marriage is reinforced by fidelity and trust and leads to a marriage of soul mates or best friends.

7 steps to a marriage made in heaven :

1.  Depend on each other, always come back to each other unquestionably for support.
2.  Bring out questions that need to be answered in your marriage.
3.  If he or she is your best friend, then treat them as that and not as husband or wife.
4.  Have faith in each others abilities, reinforce what is eroded.
5.  Support each other emotionally, physically and financially.
6.  Always speak out the best of each other.
7.  Aim to become soulmates if you aren't already.

Marriages take a toll on everyone, take time to rejuvenate and save yourself from your marriage.