Monday, 14 August 2017

What makes fiction novels work

People want to hear about good things, they want happy endings not sob stories.  Fiction novels work when the characters in the novel are made to talk by the author,  when the reader emotes with the characters and gets into the life of each character.

6 steps to making fiction novels work :

1.  All fiction is a fantasy.
2.  Create characters in such a way that when a character that the reader emotes well with goes the morally wrong way, it should give the reader a headache.
3.  All the nightmares in the novel have already been taken care of by the author.
4.  The reader gets to enjoy the good things in the novel.
5.  Scenes that are important in the fiction novel have actually happened in real life.
6.  Write fiction like its linked to reality in certain ways.

Breaking the hype about fiction I worked on my first book, "One Perfect love," and found that if you used the above methodology, the fiction could be categorised as a Classic.  To write a classic, don't think money, think book and think write.