Sunday, 27 August 2017

How to find the person you could love

Finding that one perfect love is a task that requires maturity and wisdom.  Maturity because it doesn't mean to party hop or be too desperate and wisdom because it requires the Cosmos to be on your side. On the flip side you might be just lonely and not really looking for someone to love but to talk.  Know what love is and go for it when the Cosmos tells you the time is right.

12 ways to find the person you could love :

1.  Look in the right places, you are looking for love not a fling.
2.  Common interests and aims should guide you.
3.  Take up hobby classes, more chances of finding the one of your dreams.
4.  Be social, go to events and occasions, more probability of finding that one.
5.  Be active on social media, communicate.
6.  Know that sex and love are not the same thing.
7.  Is the cosmos asking you to look for the person.
8.  If you have found the person, connect to her dreams and aspirations.
9.  Take the next step of realising why and how you met.
10.Solve the past love life of the woman of your dreams.
11.Everybody has a past, don't get overawed by the task, redeem it to your benefit.
12.Know that your one perfect love is within your grasp.

Knowing that the Cosmos is on your side and guiding you in making the choice is the surest sign that you can get.  Signs can be misleading and daunting in trying to figure out, don't be mislead into something which is not your cup of tea.  Remember that you are looking for love and will find it.



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