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Sample chapter

Sample chapter from the book
One perfect love - Cosmos Connect

The recurring nightmare
Daniel Morgan woke up in cold sweat and thought about the nightmare that woke him up.
She was waiting, yes Bella was waiting, on the other side of the river, Daniel had to get across this bridge, the sound of the cars was deafening, traffic was dense as he walked through the narrow bridge. He was being given glares by the cars that passed him by.  He was really in a hurry, he had to meet her today and it was urgent, she had called him and told him to come by the river.
The bridge seemed too narrow but then it had Forever written on it, he never saw it coming, they had been friends for over two years and this last year had seemed tough to get by, Daniel had fallen madly and deeply in love with her this year.
“You are a married man.”
“Yes but it makes no difference to me today,” Daniel had replied back.
“I am touched,” she had sarcastically mentioned and walked away.
For two days he had waited for a call.  Desperately, his soul had wanted to know that it was alright, that she missed him as much as he did her, “Don’t,” his mind had snapped back at him, “Don’t get into an emotional entanglement, life is one big party,” but in this consumed state of mind, he didn’t listen.  He continued to dream about her, her eyes were fascinatingly large and wide and he continued to drown in them, thinking of her was like an addiction, too good to be true and too hurtful to live with.  He was staring down masochism and bondage, just then he looked over to the bridge he was on, it had steel ropes tied to it, flowing down from the towers and no matter how hard the wind, it wouldn’t be able to move.
The traffic was slow and it would be, they didn’t design for anything more than two lanes, his memories flowed like the river beneath the bridge, it occurred to him that he was so deeply and madly in love that he had forgotten to love himself.
Back on the bridge, suddenly Daniel heard the screeching of a car behind him, it was his wife, Kimberly; she was honking and pressing on the accelerator pedal to keep the engine roaring.  “Hey,” she screamed over the traffic, he was standing in the middle of the bridge, stunned look on his face, he wasn’t expecting any situation here, he already had too much on my mind.

“I want you back, now and forever,” she said as her car ambled right next to him, the traffic was slow, so they were moving at the same pace.  He didn’t say word, he was too busy looking to the other side of the bridge where Bella was waiting for him.  His mind had already started dreaming what could be, buy a wedding ring this summer, maybe go for a holiday to Ibiza, Spain; his mind had been running while he had been briskly walking on the bridge.  He still couldn’t see her right now, but his heart told him she would be there.
Suddenly there was confusion on the bridge, he turned around to see the Mini Van that had followed his Kimberly, it was from the Rehabilitation institute, his heart felt cold suddenly and he began to run, looking back he saw four of them in white attire get down from the Van and start running after him, cold wind hit his face, his eyes popped open and heart pumping, his legs scissored on the bridge trying to get some gap going between him and them.
He had always been like that, their world versus my world, suddenly he felt an arm around his waist and he was slammed with a force to the tarmac.  He was huge guy and he kept punching Daniel’s face, Daniel tried to slip through his grasp but the force of his punches had him scratched and torn, there was already a bulge in his left eye and his lips were bleeding.  He stopped struggling and all four of them caught hold of him, the traffic had come to a stand still as if the specter of him being picked up and put into the white Van was the most interesting thing in their lives.  The door of the Van shut and darkness engulfed him, the bridge had closed down forever now.
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