Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ways to enjoy the museums in Washington DC

Washington DC is the Delhi of USA, the place is replete with memorials and museums.  The National Arts Museum, The National History Museum, The Air and Space Museum amongst the others are the best places to visit.  The museum visit is a day time job (8am to 5:30pm) and the air-conditioning in the museums takes care of the hot days.

6 ways to enjoy museums in DC :

1.  Dress for a walk, the museums are within walkable distance.
2.  Don't forget to pick up the brochures and the floor maps.
3.  The Arts museum is spread over two buildings, be prepared to walk and enjoy.
4.  Refreshment stalls are available everywhere, eat when you get time.
5.  Spend adequate time in each museum, might mean you would have to come the next day.
6.  The audio tours are also incredible.

The museums are phenomenal, but the National Arts museum is out of the world, spend at least 4 days in Washington DC, the museums will take enough of your time for you to keep coming back.  They are a vast repository of information displayed in an absolutely fantastic format.