Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to save your marriage

Often enough we find the key to marriage is in finding that one point that works for us.   A bad marriage can be saved by listening to what we can chart out for ourselves  Bad marriages are a result of no or bad communication over years and the only way to get rid of that tag is to start communicating.  If you have ever seen or been in a bad marriage,  you would know that nothing easy and after years of neglect it takes effort to build a relationship again

7 ways to save your marriage :

1.  Talk and communicate.
2.  Love her or him for who they are.
3.  Why give up when you have your mother in-law with you.
4.  Think of all the good times you have had together.
5.  Think of what it will take to build a new relationship to the same level.
6.  Your love can overpower the last of irritants.
7.  Your marriage is your haven, don't give it up.

Marriages are made to last and so will yours.