Saturday, 19 August 2017

The most romantic things to write home about

It's a beautiful day and the Sun rose to its peak, the heat percolates down to our bodies, it's beautiful as the Sun stays up to give the day it's beauty.  What is it about a sunny day that we so love, its the romance of knowing that our star, the Sun will be up another day to let us dream of things that are so eternal.

6 most romantic things to write about :

1.  A sunset in New Hampshire, with the sun setting behind the mountains by a lake.
2.  A chess game on a wooden chessboard between a strategist and a maverick.
3.  A laze on a deck chair with the Sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds.
4.  A sit out in a row boat gently floating to the waves.
5.  Hair blowing in a gentle breeze with the Sun in full bloom.
6.  Growing old by the side of a woman who you love.

Romance in the air, and the roses bloom to a million sunsets.