Saturday, 12 August 2017

A snippet - One perfect love

A snippet out of the chapter "Few Random thoughts"

I started this fore note on a tinge of sadness but it will not end on one.  Thoughts run deep here, and I have no need to dwell into sadness, for there is this thought of love and it keeps me alive.   So much has changed since I started writing and I can hear them telling me, “this can't be you.”  Even though I have worked on getting my life back on track, moving from nothing to something of substance.  Till you see the truth it’s a self aggrandizement world and I thought I could do all the writing without a thought to who else could help.  To teach me, it could have been the gamble of some brave men to change the world.

How it hurts to know that the years gone were wasted, the only thought from those days was, “Lord, please forgive me.”  I must have been lonely, and the way it looks, I was.  Then came a time, I lost all of my memories and it got more lonely.  Since then I have counted on my loneliness to bring out big leaps of creativity.  Strangely sometimes I seek it out, and people who know me would tell me, “Here boy, keep it straight” and not let it drift, for when you have been in pain it is easy to move from a perfect world into one of pain.  I thank the lord for I see no reason to move out of this world for today I got my ONE PERFECT LOVE.