Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to make friends and keep them

Friendship and bonds, talks and walks, relationships that keep us going in a modern civilisation, when all else looks doomed I still need friends to talk to, best friends are for good.  In all the talk of success and fame, what is to be realised is the importance of good friends.

Some people make good friends but lose them, a few make them and keep them for good.  Even luckier are those who have a best friend in their lives and of course some get to marry their best friends.

9 steps to making friends and keeping them :

1.  Learn the Cosmos connect philosophy.
2.  The time to make friends is when trails crisscross.
3.  Also make friends from philosophies that compliment each other.
4.  That ways you get to keep the friends too.
5.  Make friends based on identification when trails crisscross.
6.  Loves are based on solutions you give to her past loves.
7.  Friendships become stronger with understanding.
8.  Allow relationships to understand the trail they are on.
9.  Once they do, the friends, best friends, loves or soulmates are yours forever.

Make friends and keep them forever, read the book "One perfect love."