Thursday, 10 August 2017

How to win over a girl friend ?

Living in this world as a youngster can't be too easy, life has it pitfalls especially when it comes to girls and girl friends, how does a teenager win over a girl friend ?

Ten ways to win over girl friends

1.  Allow her father to dictate the terms.
2.  Make excuses of group studying for homework.
3.  Love her like you would love an Anushka.
4.  Don't think sex, think sweet cuddly love.
5.  Never ever think sex even when she is not around.
6.  Win her first as a friend.
7.  Do you have it in you be her best friend.
8.  Don't confuse love with best friendship.
9.  Girls are different from boys, more sensitive, unless you are a Tom Cruise
10.Let the Cosmos point out who you have to win over.