Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The signs of an illicit love affair

When a person is going through an illicit love affair, there are telltale signs of it.  The obvious signs are there for everybody to see if they care to and make their judgement on it.  An illicit love affair is an affair out of marriage and as it is obvious to one that leaves a guilt complex.

7 signs of an illicit love affair :

1.  Dreamy look.
2.  Thoughts that drift away on the mention of certain words.
3.  Hiding mobile phone.
4.  Hiding conversations and places that one has been to.
5.  A guilt complex that is hard to hide.
6.  Looking at people with suspicion, what do they know.
7.  All love affairs have a charm, for the world likes to know whats going on.

Danny Morgan was having an illicit love affair, in "One perfect love," and he was suspicious of everyone including his best friend.  Nobody was told about it not even his best friend.