Saturday, 5 August 2017

One Perfect Love

I'v been away for a while from blogging, getting back is never easy, here a few steps I followed to make the task easier :

1.  Bought "What the Plus" by Guy Kawasaki.
2.  Finished writing a book "One Perfect Love".
3.  Decided to post daily updates on the blog.
4.  Free chapter giveaway.

What the Plus is about how to make it big on Google Plus and though I think I know mostly everything about it, I bought the book because I am an ardent admirer of Guy Kawasaki.  My book called "One Perfect Love," is in its first draft, will most likely take 6 months to publishing and I will publish to the blog on a daily basis.  After all the blog is just an extension of the book.

On an another note I have taken to the Bible like a fish in water, am a born again Christian.  Here is an answer of mine on Quora you might enjoy.

What is a chief evangelist ?

Thats all for now !