Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Smelly THing Called Love

Smelly Thing Called Love

The Crush

I had started to believe in her, when Gina called up, “How are you doing Mandy,” I hadn’t heard from her in 10 days and my last interaction had been a positive albeit a cautious one, I had been flattering myself that she would take an interest in me or my work, after all I was in love with a woman with a ring on her hand.  I had known Gina and Martin for 2 years and only recently realised that I might have fallen for her, apart from having won the “Woman of the Year 2014,” she was a softie, an angel and a die-hard Gene Hackman fan.
Ever since I had met her, we had seen a dozen Gene Hackman movies on her large screen Plasma TV which was Google Chromecast enabled.  Two years of being intern in her company and I was feeling a distinct heady buzz in my brain whenever she turned up wearing her Gucci perfume, smallish earrings and the large blob of a wedding ring that always gave me a headache when I saw it nowadays.  Martin was a great guy and I could see they made the best possible couple, they were smooth, the two of them and could glib talk, woo and entertain any of their guests at the regular Saturday night parties.  The social media was abuzz about their relationship and it turned out every time I turned on Twitter, there were at least 100 mentions of them making news.
I was jealous for the first time in my life, this goddess who was so close and yet so far away
, who took my breathe away was way beyond my reach.  Angrily I had decided that I wouldn’t go to work for 10 days and not call anyone at work, it was April 2007 and New York was glistening with the slightest dews of summers, they said the weather was changing and the summers would come in earlier, global warming and all the gossip mongering we thought it was in those days.  Stories were ripe in my ears from glaciers melting to terrible catastrophes touching planet Earth, and my mind was dizzy with the thought that this one woman had never shown even a hint of affection towards me, “Gene Hackman be damned,” I thought as memories of Rio filtered in, an older woman but so much of class that she could put pretty Julia Roberts into the kindergarten.

The Squeeze

Seven days went by and not a thought or a phone call from her and on the eight day I decided that I was not going to have a bath for the next three days, in penance to Jesus that may be, I was even willing to call upon Satan to further my cause, at least a call, a message, something to keep my heart ticking, I was sure I was going to be heard somewhere.
I spent the first day of unhealthy tenor thinking of her and writing my heart, love letters that would never be announced to the world, I wrote 10s of them and then suddenly I changed track on the second day, my mind slipping into an angrier frame of mind.  I thought of ways I could kill Martin and elope with her, Martin the gentleman he was would have died of heart attack if he had ever heard these thoughts that were ringing in my head.  Then suddenly on the third day, smelling of something I couldn’t fathom, my thoughts started targeting Gina herself, as I began by writing out an out and out hate letter to my Juliet, through the day the tenor of my letters turned blinding and singing in their intensity, there was lose paper littered all around the bed and since I chose to write with an ink pen there were blobs of ink on my clothes as well. 

The Juice

I was smelling, this room was telling me and every time I ventured out of it, the blast came to all the other occupants of the house, I hadn’t gone out of the house for 3 days and hadn’t taken a call either and smelling like a load of goo, when the call came, it was Gina, “Mandy, are you alright, I haven’t heard from you ever since you went on leave,” I sighed relief and spoke to her for 5 minutes and then put the mobile down. My mind snapped back at me, “Mmmmm, I hope she hadn’t smelled my unheralded body odour  #whatsthatsmellboss over the phone,” and then another thought pushed it aside, “Of course she couldn’t have, Oculus had been bought over by Facebook and they weren’t virtual yet.”  I quickly put the lights on my Racold Geyser and decided to have the first feel of hot water in 4 days, the water was already at 45 deg. C, just the right temperature for cool evening, smoke rose up and the water came down stinging my body in pins and needles, my Racold Solar Geyser, always got me home with zero billing, it had been worth the wait.

                                 “Don’t go by the Name, They Serve it Hot at Racold.”