Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Abstract - Dealing With A Love Story

Dealing with a Love Story


Very often there is this need to be able to form concrete plans to tackle hard problems that seem to be inflicting the industry and the company in general.  It is important to understand that there is no one person who can possibly solve the problem nor identify the problem in the first place.  The ideal deal is to be able to get to a resolution that satisfies all and in the time available.  Often enough there are numerous solutions that are available and these might be the cause of various people trying to implicate or bundle a quick try solution for a potentially hard problem.  Here, as will get obvious there are only the following things that can be done : 

1. To quickly outline a theory and demarcate a boundary condition in which the solution can be scoped out.  
2.  To slowly define the problem and the gradually reach a solution using the profound logic, that is there at our hand due to the scientific community.

There have been a number of people who have tried and very often got to it by logic and this far exceeds the people who normally use the solution 1.  Technically speaking if Bill Flower, a good friend of mine was to identify where he got the idea to solve the problem from then it would be probably be from his perspective.  On the other hand there were like, multitude of noises just beginning to get into the head that there were going to be a million of like minded people who  probably wanted this to be worked out through and through.  It was the normal gambit of taking the logic that if we try to become the problem then there would obviously be a solution to it as well that would occur when the time was right.  

Bill and an another close friend of mine Kathy Lambert closely identified that the Solar Industry was going through a bad patch because there was turf war going on.  There were the dealers who were fighting the customers into believing that they were getting a raw deal from the company, the company was fighting the customers to tell them the dealers had to be bypassed as there was precious little that could be done.  The customer on the other hand were confused what to buy and where to buy it from.  If the customer was confused then it could be safely assumed that they were not going to be any sales.  

Here is where the thought of going through a system 1 falls into place.  Intuition and gut feel often has the ability to overcome anger, anguish, selfish and all other traits that prevent human beings from reaching their full potential.  There is a lack of this in the modern management terminologies where it is only a number crunching game, reaching targets the only motive.  A study of the Harvard business school of management has identified that if there is a need to develop it is this instinct for business and not the core principles of business on which a whole lot has been written about.  Truth be spoken, this feel comes from connecting with inner self and understanding how the terminologies and existing implications impact our business decisions. 

So the business as a whole was going through a bad patch, it had been 2 years since a good deal had been cracked in the region.  The site was well developed and the area had been notified as the subsidized zone.  What was not being felt was the impact that in truth was the result of the cultural and other such mismatches in the region.  People thought of the solar business to be run and identified with the aspects as dictated by the market conditions and by the dealers and distributors who developed and nurtured relations.  The customer is always right is the only idiom we believe in.