Monday, 14 August 2017

How to return a Television purchased on Costco

Once you have made a purchase, though didn't like the product, you send Amazon a mail or call them explaining why you want to return the television. If it was a 75" television as was the case with me, it would have incurred a huge cost and if you didn't like it, you might as well exchange it for something better.

11 steps to returning a 75" television

1.  Fix up an appointment for return or exchange.
2.  Get the manual out so that you know exactly what came with the television.
3.  Gather the parts inventory and box them.
4.  Remove the screws on the foot of the television and box the feet, there should be 2 of them.
5.  If a sound bar and sub woofer came with the television box them.
6.  Hopefully you have stored the boxes for each part when the television had arrived.
7.  Carry the television to its carton, be sure you have 3-4 strong males holding the television.
8.  Slide the thermocoal packing on to the television.
9.  Once the thing is packed in the white thermocoal, slide the carton over the television.
10.Once done tape the cardboard carton to avoid slippages.
11.Sit back, drink coffee or tea,  have a swim and wait for the pickup.

Now enjoy the new television you have in exchange.