Thursday, 10 August 2017

Are you stalking your girl friend ?

Men, when they grow up have to watch for certain pitfalls with their girl friends,  life can be hazard if you become an obsessive lover.  Here are 7 ways to avoid being an obsessive lover :

7 ways to avoid being an obsessive lover

1.  Jealously is the meanest emotion.
2.  Avoid it by having other healthy relations.
3.  Keep away from her mobile phone, its her personal  property.
4.  Some women like obsessive behaviour, don't get carried away.
5.  Respect and love her what she is.
6.  Don't let her overpower your work.
7.  Let her know she is in command.

Every male dominated society tends to have some lacunae or other, doesn't mean we are just pawns of society, if we handle our minds well and keep our relationships healthy all will be fine.