Monday, 21 August 2017

How do you nurture a relationship

Getting into relationships is easy enough without the encumbrance of knowing that a relationship also has to be nurtured.  A relationship is like a young tree, requiring water and minerals to grow into a strong bond. Nurturing relationships mean spending time with your girlfriend, getting to know the person she is in totality.

8 ways to nurturing relationships :

1.  Spend time with her.
2.  Think quality time, get to know her.
3.  Talk when you need to, and know that sometimes silence is all knowing.
4.  Do you ever think about what she thinks.
5.  Go on long drives or trips just the two of you.
6.  Go shopping together for items that mean something to both of you.
7.  Get to know her family.
8.  Get in her shoes and know what she struggles with in this world.

Every time you make an attempt to get to know her you are nurturing the relationship.