Saturday, 12 August 2017

When to write a book

It comes as no surprise that we all would want to write a good book, however its better to write than to not write.

7 ways to know when to write a book :

1.  When you feel burdened and loaded.
2.  When you are feeling light and unconcerned.
3.  When you have sat in front of the computer gathering thoughts.
4.  There's no such thing as the right time to write.
5.  Write as often as you feel you have the above feelings.
6.  When you have the characters in your head and the feeling is right.
7.  When the plot gets you with intensity.

To write is to express and to express is wisdom.  Every time we express we are in touch with our inner feelings and they are best served by fresh thoughts that come to us when we write.  Once I sat down to write and nothing would come, so I canned the book for over 52 weeks.  Actually the habit of not writing is easier to get into than the habit of writing.  I would suggest, write every day.