Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How do you know your dog loves you

Dogs have over centuries been bred to like and love humans.  So the incessant wagging of tail, the yelps when they see you could all be because of breeding.  For hundreds of years dogs like Labrador, German Shepherd etc have been bred so as to encourage all genes in them that allow them to love humans and eliminate all others that are detrimental to humans.

4 signs that your dog really loves you :

1.  Does your dog go for the food leftover in the kitchen or you when it has been out.
2.  Does your dog wait for you even you take him out for a walk.
3.  Does your dog kiss you on his own with no initiation by you.
4.  Dogs are conditioned to love you, only some really love you.

Find the dog that best suits your personality, Labrador, German Shepherd, Maltese or Beagle or any other.