Monday, 28 August 2017

How to make up after a fight

Sometimes fight start over a few words and go on for what seems like forever.  Daniel Morgan and Bella Joel fought over seemingly a trivial issue and didn't see each other for 6 months.  "One perfect love," is a perfect demonstration of the fact that most fight issues will seem trivial after a period of time.  It's the love that brings us back to each other, and maybe a separation does us good too.  Daniel and Bella got married with their love vows reinforced.

14 points on how to make up after a fight :

1.  You can't act normal after a fight, know it happened.
2.  Are you trying to make up, then go for things she likes.
3.  A kiss and hug goes a long way in making up.
4.  So you think you don't understand her, well nobody is a mind reader.
5.  The right kind of food after a fight goes a long way.
6.  Have a blissful dessert, the both of you.
7.  Sometimes fights have an unending cycle, know that not all fights can be resolved the same day.
8.  Go back to the blissful past for resolution.
9.  What was the fight about.
10.Give in, when you can.
11.Fight to get the fight out of your head.
12.Think positive and leave the negativity behind.
13.Communicate not just talk.
14.All relationships have fights involved, learn to get over them.

Fights are part of a relationship between a man and woman because they think differently.  As a matter of fact, when I create characters for fiction, I have to think about both my male and female readers, they like different things in male and female characters.  It's a tough balancing act as is the resolution of a fight.


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