Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What to give her on her birthday

Birthdays come and go, if that perfect gift is not found for the person of your dreams.  A gift makes a birthday special and remembered, many people oft say, "That gift was given on my 45th birthday," to remember who gave them that gift that made the birthday special.  For her birthday, you have to give her something subtle and yet something that stands out.  Remember it is not about the cost, but what will click with her as the gift she wants, here I present a range of gifts to bring a smile onto her face.

6 gifts for her on her birthday :

1.  A bouquet of handpicked flowers - roses, lilies and orchids, along with a box of Lindt chocolate. - Rs 5000
2.  Sony headphones for her Apple laptop - Rs 4500
3.  Rustic carved wooden heart dish - Rs 2500
4.  Bespoke Post Brut box - Bubbly, champagne sabre and two glasses - Rs 4000
5.  MVMT Gold/Peach Leather watch - Rs 8000
6.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume - Rollerball trio   Rs 4000

Choose from the perfect gift above and make her day a special one.


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