Sunday, 27 August 2017

How to know if a girl is really interested in you

In her perseverance to win him over, Bella came over as too strong, "One Perfect love" the book is Daniel Morgans story and he was totally besotted by Bella, enough to give up on his first marriage and build a dream one with Bella.  Here's something you will enjoy reading.

9 tricks to knowing if a girl is really interested in you :

1. Does she go out with you on public dates.
2. Is she calling you late night only to use you as an emotional pillow.
3. Don't get stuck in the friendship trap if you are looking for commitment.
4. Give her all the attention but don't give up on your work in the bargain.
5. Is she on a rebound in which case she will go away soon.
6. Are you pushing her into a relationship or have you determined a cosmos connect.
7. Did you determine why your trails crossed for the two of you.
8. What is her reaction to your meeting her friends.
9. Is she planning to make you meet her ex boyfriends.

All that you need is love and all that she is giving you is anything but love, walk away while its still good.


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