Sunday, 27 August 2017

What is the cosmos connect

Cosmos connect and correction mode are two terms from the book "One perfect love" and the book talks about it in more details.  However for understanding, it is enough to say that the cosmos is always working to correct wrongs and make it the perfect world.  If you have never been in love or have been in love with the wrong person, it will determine the right person for you based on your current status and point out the person to you.  It is left to you to make the move on this love that could be so vast that it would diminish all your current paradigms to nothing.

7 ways to know you are connected to the Cosmos :

1.  Is your work pointing out the person who you should love.
2.  Are you able to solve the love life of the one you love through your work.
3.  Have you been able to determine where the trails criss crossed.
4.  The Cosmos always works in correction mode.
5.  By solving things you are working with the Cosmos in correction mode.
6.  Are you able to connect to her likes and dislikes now.
7.  Is the cosmos telling you that she could be your soulmate.

The world in correction mode is the reality of the Cosmos, from environment bullying to world wars, everything is corrected here.


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