Wednesday, 16 August 2017

hate your wife : 10 reasons to think positively

So you are in an estranged marriage, where it takes most of your time when you get home to just get to bed.  Its hard under normal circumstances but you have a particularly difficult thing happening in your life.  You hate your wife and don't know how to get out of the situation.  Every second you are thinking of getting out of the relationship but something holds you back.  It isn't the nicest thing to know that you hate your wife, here are some reasons to think otherwise.

7 reasons to think positively :

1.  Think of your children.
2.  Your wife would love you if she knew how much you love her.
3.  Your wife could be your anchor if you talk to her, communicate.
4.  Have you thought of taking leaves to go for a holiday.
5.  You could build a hobby together.
6.  Could you be already thinking of another relationship, DON'T.
7.  All of marriage is a love affair, think easy and go easy if the ship seems to be sinking.

Marriages are made to last and so don't give up.