Sunday, 20 August 2017

Are you a creative writer

Creations can be works of God and creators are messengers of God.  Without going into the nitty gritty of Godly behaviour, in this post I will try and elucidate the steps in finding if you are a creative writer.  If it were up to us we would classify all messengers as creative, however if I may dare suggest this might not be the case, simply because there might not be any need for your writing to be creative.  Creative writing is more a bursting of horizons of a writer, "albeit with a touch of salt," I say, maybe creativity in writing is overhyped.

7 ways to identify if you are a creative writer :

1.  Do you go according to a script, this is the first step to creativity.
2.  Character building is the essence.
3.  Write the plot on a piece of paper and analyse it, change it, analyse it and finalise it.
4.  Identify your style, can you build sarcasm, drift or velocity into your book.
5.  Do you get lost in your own characters.
6.  What is the single most influential piece in your book and how did you write it.
7.  Plot, sequence, scene and script, thats the way to analyse your creativity as a writer.

Build it and certainly write your own pieces again and again, creative pieces are best source of entertainment in a book.