Monday, 14 August 2017

How to make that perfect cup of tea

As humans have progressed in life, it becomes important to note the role a cup of tea has in our lives. From getting up early in the morning to the cup of tea to ending the day with a night cap, its role is of vital importance.  Tea is a natural "mind awakener" and though not as strong as coffee it does a fairly good job of it without the other harmful affects of caffeine.

7 steps to making that perfect cup of tea

1.  Heat slightly more than a cup of water to boiling point.
2.  Wait for the kettle to hiss and make all the right noises.
3.  Pour water from kettle to cup and pour 1/20th hot milk into the cup.
4.  Add a tea bag to the cup.
5.  Add sugar to the cup, preferably not more than 1/2 tea spoon.
6.  Sip through the flavour.
7.  Sit on a chair while you work and enjoy the waking up.