Monday, 14 August 2017

How to create an ambience for your house guests

Whenever guests come into our lives there are two feelings to it, first why are they here and second great to have them here.  Guests are because people love to travel and when accommodation is scarce or expensive, it becomes natural to stay with people they know.  It is a symbiotic relation, you scratch my back and I scratch yours.

9 steps to create an ambience for your guests :

1.  Pick them up from the airport, train or bus station.
2.  When they get home give them a walkover of the house.
3.  Invite them to their rooms and explain the intricacies of equipment.
4.  Give them the wifi password.
5.  Leave them alone to handle smaller activities in your house.
6.  Let them cook breakfast after you sure they can.
7.  Take them to places they would love to go without inconveniencing yourself.
8.  Live your life as you would normally.
9.  It takes courage to take on guests, make sure you don't back out.