Monday, 28 August 2017

How do you end a committed relationship

Ending a relationship is never easy, be it a committed one or a non committal one, what may, it might be asked, be the status of the people when they wouldn't mind ending a relationship.  Obviously in a non committal relationships, both the people involved know that there couldn't be a legitimate societal end to it and that they are in it only for fun.  Even then it is difficult to end, as one of the party might think it is the aggrieved one and decide to prolong it further.  A committed relationship is much harder to end and requires careful consideration of facts and opinions.

7 ways to end a committed relationship :

1.  Tell her how it is on her face, not the best option but an honest one at that.
2.  Use your work as the yardstick to determine the scale of damage if you left her now.
3.  Use the Cosmos connect to find out what is best for her and tell her as is.
4.  Solve her love life and choose to leave after the most accepted solution presents itself.
5.  The cosmos is forever determining the best matches for us based on our current situation and it will for her too.
6.  A bad patch in the relationship may not necessary mean an end to it.
7.  You are the best judge of the situation.

A committed relationship ending doesn't mean the end of life, though it may rank as pretty close to that.


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