Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Keywords and SEO

 Been trying to get traffic to this blog for a while, and in the process came across a lot of people who had attempted a few things to get visitors on to their site.  One of the best ways to do this is to use Google Adsense and Adword, a much underrated and yet today the best way to generate traffic and make money at the same time.  In an attempt, to check this out, I have started the following process :

1.  Booked a domain on Joomla
     This is a content management site, and offer a 30 day demo for their online software, which allows content developers to create and develop content and place it in appropriate template for their website.  It takes away the content creation mechanism from the actual creation of the website. Apart from this, after    the 30 day trial, they offer domain booking or transfer, if you already have an existing domain it can get transferred on to a partner server who host the website, which obviously will have Joomla Content Management Features.

I found this very interesting, because as a content writer, I often get distracted by the soft wares that go into the actual creating and publishing of content.  The soft wares are supposed to be a means to achieve an end not the content itself, which obviously for me is the king.  In any case, I signed up for the 30 day trial and pretty smug about it, unlike a Desktop Content Management Software this Online Content Management Suite offers a hassle free installation, no need to install and configure mySQL or PHP or any other database connectivity module.

2.  Creation of 4 web pages
Started work on 4 webpages simultaneously which I will host on Joomla, all these 4 pages are identical except that they will be spun to change certain keywords in each.  Once these pages are up on Joomla, obviously similar in content, I will run them through Adword and Adsense engines to get traffic on to the website, and then keep track of how many hits each of these pages is getting, thereby getting an idea of the keywords that generate most traffic

3.  Adwords Account
     Created an Google Adword account, this is the first step in getting traffic onto these pages, so in affect I will be running 4 campaigns that will tell me exactly what people look for, when they look for a product in my niche.

4.  Keyword Creation
Started the process of creating keywords for Google Adwords, now understand this, the Google Adwords keywords are totally different from the SEO keywords.  SEO is targeted at search engines while Google Adwords is targeted at Google Adsense which is an online advertising mechanism which is aimed at generating traffic as well as income for the advertiser based on the CPC model developed and now adopted by Google.  Google Adsense in instant and track able, unlike SEO or email marketing that takes time and difficult to track

With the above process in place I hope to be able to get an approximation of the keywords that will be critical to conduct business in the segment or niche that I have chosen to write a book in.  The business of writing a book in only part of the business of making money, it is important to get this right, in my mind and in the minds of the readers, to understand the various intricacies that go into creating a successful business model for an E-Business.  Now that I have understood what it takes to write with a Content Management System, it will be easy to deliver it to the readers.

The following questions still need to be answered though, and I am hoping that someone could help me out with them :

1.  What region should I chose for my segment, my intended target areas are India, Middle East and Africa, and right now the E-Business activity in my segment is very low ?
2.   How does one write the keyword into the article or web page I create ?
3.  How many keywords should I create to begin with, in Adwords one can create 10,000s of them ?
4.  Should I start the SEO and Adword campaigns together

My next post will be on these questions and I need to research them before I write again.
Old Chinese saying, "When an opportunity presents itself, take it."


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