Friday, 24 January 2014

Father I Love You

Years back, Ronnie Haydel, started a drug store, to be precise, he bought over his Uncles drug store in the June of 1962.  When he bought the store, nobody knew that he would have this fantastic run for 40 years when he would run his, so called local drug store, against the best and the biggest drug stores in America.  Ronnie was the kindest human being ever, a great husband, father and grand father.  He was a family man to the core, a perfect one at that, his family is still one big cocoon, and his 4 daughters can fill up a library about the man.  Ask Martha, his wife, " He was ........" and she'd break up into
tears.  For 40 years, his drugstore was the hot spot for the baseball clubs to hangout at, and discuss politics and of course to buy drugs and other accessories.  "He didn't judge you and he didn't impose on you." said Dickie Faukier, a friend forever.  He would talk about growing up and old times, he had memories that went years back.  Rest in Peace ,Ronnie.

When I met Ronnie, and this was my first meeting with him, I asked him, "Do you enjoy your life ?"
He casually smoothed his tie, "Life is about unity between father and son, not literally, but definitely philosophically."
"Whats Philosophically ?"
"Two things stand out, Work that I do and the Words that I say.  Which is to say, you do what you are and you say who you are.  Father and son, words and work."

I thought it over and let it mull over in my head, for instance, and it came to me, the first thing a shoe salesman notices about you are your shoes, a cloths man would first look at your cloths or a mechanic would look at your car.  Ronnie acted out what he said, never looked back at why he did what he did for the community.  His whole way of life was to give back to the community in kind, give and help the community for what it had given him.  He who does not love is lost, Ronnie did what he had to do, and in everything he did , love was the nature behind it.
It isn't about what I want to do, but what our soul wants us to do.