Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Racing Cars - Knowledge Is Great

I waited at her doorsteps, somebody had to answer the doorbell when she opened up the door, it was a large house with a balcony and a garden in the balcony, "You here ? I wasn't expecting you."  Gladly I walked into the house, her Dad was still in the house, normally he went to work early but today was an exception, "Hello Mr C, I figured you hadn't picked up your mail," I said handing him some unopened mail.  She handed me a glass of juice and we moved to the living room to watch some TV.  Mr C was still in the den opening his envelopes with a knife when the phone rang, "Its for you darling," he called out and she walked to the phone to talk.

I could see her agitated as she spoke over the phone and then I glanced through the window to where the car was parked, there was a gardener cleaning up the plants, there were people walking to work, women with their toddlers, singing a tune to them.  I was still in my reverie when she walked over to me agitated, the spell was broken and I started to listen as she spoke about her break up and how this guy had just walked out on her.  Specifically speaking, there was more than what met the eye here, she was in tears and he was as cold as ice, I had met him once and didn't like him much, my own feelings for her were too powerful for me to like anyone who was romantically attached to her.

Apart from this possessiveness I didn't think he suited her, she was smart, beautiful and a warm hearted person who deserved much better, I think she deserved me more than anyone else, but then I was a smart Alec when it came to her, "Calm down, Relax," I told her knowing she wouldn't be listening and yet trying to tell to cool down and think rationally.  She had always been the rational one but ever since she fell in love with this guy she had started to fritter her mind away.

"I have to get out of this city," she said and we walked out of the house, on to my bike to a distant place in the forest that both of us knew well.  I had always been the wild one, tattoos and smokes, it suited me much better than coffee and cigars, running helter skelter in the city, crashing ATM machines, staring at women and not a thought about the future.

One day she had asked me, "What do you want to do with your life ?"
"Me ! I am fine just the way I am."
"Yeah, but there must be purpose and goal," she spoke softly now, wondering if I understood what she was trying to tell me.
"I think you should probably be a rally driver, train for driving, take lessons for the dirt track, I really love to watch you drive, it is phenomenal when to see you in your elements.  I like the dreamy look in your eyes when you ride, Nirvana achieved and it is the zenith of pleasure," she had continued herself dreamily.

My thoughts went back to those days when she would sit in my car and we would speed around the metropolis closer, I had pressed the accelerator and we had zipped passed at over 100kmph, she was scared but not stopping me.  We had zoomed across the traffic under the flyover and taken a left for clear roads.

"I want you always like this, a boy who just grew up to be the man of my dreams, totally in control of his emotions and in love with the machine that he drives," she had said back then and I knew today what she meant totally.

So if I wanted to be managing rally driver, what were my next few steps, first of all I wanted to earn enough money to pay for fee at a good school for managing sports(, the second step would be to find a school, race car driving was intuitive and yet it still needed to be tempered with a sound background of car mechanics and equipment and the third would be developing actual race track temperament.

I would be at the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK

What Next ? ... I had it figured out now