Thursday, 23 January 2014

Who You Gonna Kill Next

This happened in Pattaya, Thailand May 2011 at the million year stone park and Pattaya Crocodile farm.
There was this huge crocodile with its jaw open sitting in the farm and this Thai guy, Ramos, talking to the audience while he made advances at the Croc. Talking and talking endlessly to distract the crocodile.  After 5 minutes of talking to the audience he tried to shove his full arm into the crocodiles open jaw, the Croc snapped, and seconds before that the man pulled his arm out.  It had almost happened, a disaster.

"See this guy here, he is so full of himself," he had said to the audience.
"He enjoys this feeling of being on the show as much as I do, hahahaha," as he waved a stick at the other crocs. The Croc just sat there with his jaw open.
Inching closer,"Doesn't he look sedated."

And sedated the Croc did look, almost tranquilised and I was wondering, is this show, practiced for days, it must be, Crocs are normally very violent even when sedated.  But the snap had looked all too real, and the smug expression on the Croc when he had shut is jaw in a fast practiced  move, the menacing teeth had vanished just for a moment when the jaw had shut and then disdain look was back, he had lost out on a limb for dinner.  Believe me this was a full show, with the Croc sitting in the open not caged or jaw tied and the man was inches from the croc.  All the talking obviously had an effect, almost like the reptile was hypnotised by the constant hum of noise that seemed to be coming from very close to its ears.  It was an amazing show and I had my eyes wide open by the end of it, mind in overdrive and ears listening to this man talking in Thai.

The croc farm is one of the largest in the world with thousands of crocodiles both saltwater and freshwater.  It does occur to me that crocodiles are not creatures to be tamed and put on a show, but the famed buddhist
peace lobby that the Thai worship, Lord Buddha, is absolutely notorius in its pursuit of destruction of reptiles.  I have often wondered, and especially after the show, if there is something in the scripts that is against the reptile.

The Buddhist analogy of life is a snake eating itself and thus to infinity.  They teach that the individual soul is independent and that not slaves to the body.  Now that sounds so bizzare to me, imagine a snake eating itself. Not only is that unusual its also incredulous.  Even though I have seen a million photographs of this, I still find it hard to believe that Lord Buddha would have wanted reptile killing mammals as part of his entourage.  I have always thought of him as a man with highly advanced thoughts who abhorred any kind of violence.  Instead of killing reptiles the Thai should turn a vegetarian and abhor any kind of
Time to Change I think.


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