Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Its My Life

Have you ever had the experience of being told what to do by the absolutely most ignorant of people.  I don't want to sound judgemental yet that's what I felt when I was told how to manage my love life by somebody who was divorced, not connected with his kins and family and as few friends that I could count on my fingers.  There will be a lot of occasions when I have done exactly what I shouldn't have, despite knowing the suspicious antecedents of the people advising me I have gone ahead and followed their advice and nothing has accrued, I have only lost money, friends or face.  Take the instance of calling up people that I have had a falling with, why do I persist in thinking or calling them, they have played no significant role in my life yet I call them knowing fully well that either the call will not be picked up or there will be a another fight around the corner.  This is such a duh thing to do, and I think I am a reasonable intelligent person with enough intelligence to understand where I am not wanted.  Isn't it simple to understand, go where you are wanted !!

For so many years I have been following what people have wanted me to, their dreams, their desires, their advise and believe me even on what I should be wearing and eating.  You might say what "even eating and wearing" .. no ! I haven't done that ever.  Well, do you remember the gift that somebody gave you and you wore it so that the person wouldn't feel bad about it or the ill fitting clothes that I wore when I was a kid simply because there was no money for new branded clothing.  So clothes were inherited according to the sizes of the people who wanted to wear them.  My maternal uncles clothes were passed on to me in legacy.  Fabulous ain't it, imagine if my father hadn't told me about the incredible "softy ice cream" I might have grown up to eating home made "Ras Malai" and loving it.  Cultures are imbibed into us by our parents and family even teachers.  They make us into what we are and who we are as kids, and if we continue to live listening to their advise then that's who we are exactly, our parents/family/teachers. 

However if on the other hand we choose to cut off from them and choose to live our life on our terms then we surely are ourselves.  That of course is assuming that you will not be the first and you will not be the last in any endeavour.


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