Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Renewables - Calling Earth, Anybody Home

AL Gore stated a long time back :

You look at the river,
The flowers and the bees,
the water as it flows along the banks
the wet grass and all of a sudden you feel
"Oh yeah I forgot about this"

I have been trying to get this message across to people for a long time, but I have failed everytime I have tried to do that.  I just didn't have the words to say what I have wanted to say.  My whole life just flashes by when I think "Oh yeah I forgot about this".  Nothing you would say, well, I have loved the rivers, green grass and trees, even the mud has made me happy slipping on it and getting dirty but what have I done to retain these things in the form I like them.  Nothing.  I was expecting them to remain the same year after year but they don't.  It gets hotter and hotter, muggier and muggier each year.  The dust and particulate matter in the air has gone up year after year.  So what happened ?

This post is about what I think happened and what must be done to prevent any more harm from coming to the earths environment.  See, the first point that caused most of the harm was the assumption which is still prevalent amongst people in power, read scientific advisors, that the earth is so big that we can't possibly have a lasting impact on it.  However the thing to remember is that one of the important things comprising the earths environment is the earths atmosphere.  The earth's atmosphere is so thin that we infact are capable of changing its composition and thus affecting the earths environment.  The suns radiation comes onto the earth in form of light waves most of which get absorbed by the earth and that heats up the earth.  Then some of the radiation that is absorbed is re-radiated back into space in the form of infrared rays and some of the outgoing infrared radiation is trapped by this layer of earths atmosphere and is held inside the atmosphere and that is what makes the earth livable.  Now heres where the problem sets in, if the layer of atmosphere gets thicker as it does with various pollutants that our emitted by us into the air then more and more of the infrared radiation gets trapped in the atmosphere causing the atmosphere to heat up called Global Warming.  The main culprit being the greenhouse gases.

Professor Roger Revelle was the first person in 1958 to start measuring the carbon dioxide in the Earths atmosphere and he did it for decades by sending up balloons from the middle of the pacific, collecting hard facts in the form of data with the help of his assistant. While this data kept showing that the carbon content was going up and up and up in the earths atmosphere, and I believe this data was available to the decision makers of the world, it was only in 1997 that the Kyoto protocol was ratified.  So many years of neglect had caused huge amount of damage to the earths atmosphere.

All this talk suddenly made me drowsy, dizzy with a back pain.  I m gonna take a break from writing and maybe discuss this more later on.


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