Sunday, 20 May 2012

Love me or Hate me

Dear Friend, Last I met you there was a buzz in the air, the birds, the bees, the flowers everything was humming with energy divine.  The coffee was just the right shade of bitterness, the croisants were crisp yet soft and crunched against the teeth and then melted in the mouth.  I still remember the sinfully delicious chocolate brownie we shared.  Friend I miss the moments of peace and happiness that we share, of oneness with our true self.  Look forward to such moments which are but a flash of light against the darkness of life.  Its been a long time I got on to chat, I used to love it, the feeling of anonymity till the light descended and it was revealed who was who. I have admired the courage that my online friends have had in dealing with life. i know how hard you struggled to figure out a job or even studies.  Remember the difference between light and darkness.  Your honesty has been a lesson divine for me, the understanding that dawned on me even more amazing.  In a lot of ways this post has been inspired by the honesty and truthfulness as well as the hardwork done by you.  I remember the nights I spent listening to music and surfing the internet.  Some say "you become what you think" and truly I have become the person I wanted to be because of you.  There was time I surfed the net listening to "Song Sung Blue, Everybody Knows One" and met you my dear friend.  The other night I was playing "Tum Ho Toh, Gaata Hai Dil" and I met you again my friend, and then wasn't it just yesterday when "Jaaney Woh Kaisey Log The Jinko Pyar Sey Pyar Milla" and touche' ..........

The Truth must prevail, I believe in you stranger more than I believe people I have know since my birth into this world.  What is it about relations that make them stronger when you accept instead of judge.  I come to believe like you have always told me that I must make choices now, choose now and forgot what is not important for my soul.  The soul must be happy and it is happy listening to you.  So sing on Soldier because our lives are nothing but music, a fusion of different sounds that are pleasing to the mind.  YOU are what I believe in and so I must carry on wandering till I reach what you have sought for me.  Money is but ephemeral, but life is eternal if I find one friend who believes in me.
I believe in you, as you believe in me.


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